What is curry udon?

‘Curry udon’ is, along with ‘ramen’ (Chinese noodles) and traditional Japanese food, a deeply loved soulfood amongst Kyoto-ites.The curry sauce is curry powder thickened with a Japanese soup stock called ‘dashi’ (which is made of kelp and bonito).The Kyoto-style ‘dashi’ we use makes for a particularly healthy style of ‘udon’.

The soup is really healthy:

Our soup is made from Japanese-style ‘dashi’ (soup stock), which is eaten everyday by Japanese. It is made from non-animal originated ingredients.

Fragrant spices:

We have selected 11 spices from the hundreds available to create our own special blend. Combined with the Japanese soup stock we use; this makes for a unique Kyoto-style curry soup.

Original noodles:

Our ‘udon’ noodles are made from the same flour as Japanese ‘ramen’ (Chinese noodles). We call these noodles, which go so well together with the soup, this stores original  ‘sophisticated noodles’.

Sweet and tender simmered pork curry noodles

Pork & chopped deep-fried bean curd curry noodles

Curry udon with deep-fried tofu

Toppings can be combined to suit your taste. We have found that amongst Kyoto locals, deep-fried bean curd is very popular. Amongst foreign customers, cooked pork cuts, and pork and deep-fried bean curd are often selected.
On top of this, you can choose from three levels of spiciness!
You can find us just one minute from Yasaka shrine in Gion, so please drop by for lunch during your stay in Kyoto!

We also serve Donburi and Dashiudon.

Opening hours

528-6  south Gion Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture


10 min from Gion shijyo station of Keihan Railway
15 min from Shijyokawaramachi of hankyu railway